Formation / Fields

The city of Rostock decided to fund building an archive within Soziale Bildung e.V. in 2015.

Researching and collecting

The archive’s goal is to merge all kinds of different sources and evidences connected to Lichtenhagen, discussing consequences and refurbishing the racist attacks aswell as organising and make documents publicly available.

Enabling insight

We offer insight for everyone who is interested to look into the subject of racist attacks – whether it is in context of school, education, studies, job, honorary office or just in free time. The archive supports the individual understanding of the pogrom based on the historical documents.

Interchange and study

Our workshops align with the desires of all kinds of specific groups. Either a seminar, a tour or a project day will be free and giving attention to the happening‘s prehistory, its occurrence and its implications and how it is connected to the present age.

We want to ensure to be a part of commemorative culture which critically focuses on the events and highlights the substance besides commemoration days.