Our archive shelters diverse document types such as newspaper articles, leaflets and case studies of contemporary witnesses. This treasury is meant to be used for examination and investigation of the racist acts that has happened in Rostock and which consequences today’s society has to carry.

We managed to collect more than 1300 documents which were brought here by diverse individuals, groups and organisations. We also researched governmental and non-governmental archives ourselves to fulfill our inventory.

How, where and if the material will be stored depends on the archive‘s very own classification which is structured by prehistory, its occurence, its implications and different types of authors connected to their role and political views.

All of the collected documents and media are publicly available and can be used for example for research, surveys or as base of skilled works. Just contact us either by e-mail or telephone and describe your request. How detailed or concrete your concerns might be – it‘s matter of no importance – the archive‘s inventory is versatile in its resources.