Welcome To The Lichtenhagen Archive!

In 1992 days of racist acts took place at the so called „Sonnenblumenhaus“ in Rostock Lichtenhagen. Neo-fascists and residents attacked the refugees and former vietnamese contract workers living there. Thousands of people stood there watching and clapping as the building aflamed. More than one hundred of the victims survived all by themself without help of police nor firefighters.

One of the biggest source books to this incident is located in the Peter-Weiss-Haus in Rostock. Its archive shelters diverse document types such as newspaper articles, leaflets and case studies of contemporary witnesses. This treasury is meant to be used for examination and investigation of the racist acts happening in Rostock and what consequences today‘s society has to carry.

The documentation centre „Lichtenhagen im Gedächtnis“ (LH in mind) dedicates their work to pedagogical reconnoitring of classes and interested ones. All types of workshops, courses and walkabouts are at no charge and dedicated to the discussion of the happening‘s prehistory, its occurence and its implications and how it is connected to the present age.