Our educational offers are for free. An implementation is possible throughout Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

In addition to the given workshops we are pleased to develop further pedagocical concepts based on your group, interests and needs.

Workshop "Rostock Lichtenhagen 1992"

A workshop to debate on the racist pogrom of Rostock Lichtenhagen 1992

In 1992 days of racist acts took place at the so called „Sonnenblumenhaus“ in Rostock Lichtenhagen. Neo-fascists and residents attacked the refugees and former vietnamese contract workers living there. Thousands of people stood there watching and clapping as the building aflamed. More than one hundred of the victims survived all by themself without help of police nor firefighters. The workshop is devoted to this chapter of Rostock's town history and examines the circumstances aswell as the event's impact to date.

The participants will learn about the social situation around 1990 in Eastern Germany and discuss concrete effects connected to the Fall of the Wall which people of Rostock faced.

Together we will reconstruct the happening from multiple perspectives and discuss behaviour aswell as motives of various protagonists including local residents, police, public institutions, civil society and affected persons. We will take a look at the individual scope of action the involved persons had and how they used it.

The attendees will learn about all kinds of consequences of the pogrom - in particular for the affected people - and its followed interpretations aswell as what could be an appropriate way to deal with this chapter of Rostock's town history.

On the one hand this method is aimed at reconstructing the historical event - on the other hand the participants will be empowered to develop a well-founded view towards the event. They will critically reflect on consequenses drawn from the happening for their own actions and behaviour in the present.

Length and content of the workshop can be individually modulated to the group, knowledge and interests.

Age: minimum 9th grade

Duration: 6x45 minutes (or by arrangement)

Group size: 10-30 people

City circuit "Past Present Future"

A city circuit along six steles of the memorial "Past Present Future" and other historical places in Rostock

The memorial pieces of "Past Present Future" installed by the artist group SCHAUM had been initiated in 2016 and remember the racist pogrom of Rostock Lichtenhagen since then.

The city circuit guides along the six steles of the memorial located at various historical and symbolic places of Rostock - searching for clues and evidence.

Various Stations of the city circuit:

1. Stele "Trespass" - Sonnenblumenhaus, Lichtenhagen

2. Stele "Politics" - Town Hall, Neuer Markt

3. Stele "Media" - Publishing house of the Ostsee-Zeitung

4. Stele "Society" - Former position of the Youth Alternative Center, Rosengarten

5. Stele "Executive Power" - Police station, Ulmenstraße

6. Stele "Empathy" - Doberaner Platz

Based on the memorial, perspectives and actions of historical participants will be examined and consequenses to date will be discussed. Current commemorative culture and appropriate social handling of the happening will be in focus of the circuit aswell.

The city circuit is produced to be interactive and based on original historical documents from the archive.

Length and content of the circuit can be individually modulated to the group, knowledge and interests.

Age: minimum 9th grade

Duration: at least 3 hours

Group size: 10-30 people